A Christmas Carol for Kids – Charles Dickens

That’s right, we are writing fools recently and have just released our 2nd work outside of the Shakespeare for Kids series: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for Kids! My first was Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island for Kids.

As a quick note, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for Kids currently has a giveaway running on Goodreads – so, sign up for a free signed copy!

In writing A Christmas Carol for Kids there has been a few challenges that we had to overcome:

1) It’s a novel, not a play. But, that’s not the real tricky part…
2) It’s a story SO well known, that it is difficult to be creative and original with it. ┬áBut, I think we did it…
3) Man, it is depressing at times…. that just wouldn’t fly, I mean, we are writing a comedy! So, we spiced some parts up and made it much more lighthearted in a few areas that we believe you will enjoy.

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However, I think we have done it (I say ‘we’ because, my co-author, Khara C. Oliver, was the primary author for the bulk of the script). That being said, we have added many humorous parts as well as made some educational points (we had a lot of fun with the word ‘odious’!) And yes, we did put our own creative spin on the final ghost who does actually speak at one point…. but, no more spoilers… if you want to have fun, and open the door to your kids enjoying the classics like A Christmas Carol, then check it out.

So much fun!



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